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feel free to cruise around and explore here.  xxAmy





 Hi there! I'm Amy!

Why Life on the Rally?  


    It all started when I took a sustainable eco-retreat internship in Hawai'i that led to  meeting so many amazing people.  We would "rally" allover the islands and all on a budget.   Many times we would volunteer to help where we could.  We helped with an organic garden that fed low-income families on Kauai.  I snapped photos of real estate for friends that needed a boost to help sell their home that was sitting on the market. (Yes, he got offers right away!) We even did work/trade and painted an old plantation home in exchange for rent.  Along the way I  would have adventures with my new friends making some of the most amazing memories!  Whether it was playing in the snow at the top of Mauna Kea, hiking the Kings trail to camp on a secluded beach or night hiking missions to see Pele's lava glow.  

We rallied hard.  And even after leaving Hawai'i, the rally never stopped, and my love of photography and seeking out meaningful life experiences grew even more. 


     So here I am!  I'm an adventure based photographer with countless hours on the trail, in the line-up or just showing my kiddos around this incredible planet. I have spent most of my adult life seeking out the places and experiences that make you feel the most alive.

     Photography has been my  lifelong passion.  The spark reignited when I ran a surf shop and took daily photos of wave conditions for the surf report.  I have worked with small businesses and have had photos featured on social media and magazine accounts.  For now I am networking and working on my portfolio.  

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