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Exploring Okinawa | Cherry Blossom Season

Rare white cherry blossom found at Mount Yaedake

The subtropical location of Okinawa main island makes Cherry Blossom season arrive a little earlier than in mainland Japan. Starting in late January and throughout the month of February you can find blooms thoughtfully planted throughout the island. Although, the blooms here will be more on the pink side as I learned exploring the different locations. Not to be confused with the also pink plum blossom, cherry blossoms will sprout green leaves instead of the purple leaves of the plum tree. Along with the gorgeous scenery, you'll see many people enjoying the Japanese tradition of Hanami (花見). The art of flower viewing. So slow yourself down if you're here during this time of the year and enjoy yourself in a treasure trove of perfectly pink cherry

You can find cherry blossoms here:

(These have festivals on select dates)

- Nakijin Castle Ruins

- Nago Castle Park

- Mount Yaedake

- Yaese Park

- Yogi Park, Naha

(Off the beaten path locations)

- Higashi Museum Road by the dam

- Kunigami Forest Road Park

- Natural Stone Garden, Motobu

- Hanejio River Bridges

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