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Exploring Okinawa | Daisekirinzan National Park

If you really want to dive into Okinawa's wilderness. I highly recommend visiting Okinawa's wild north! A lot more rugged, naturally abundant, small quaint villages, it's kind of like stepping back in time a bit. And that is what makes it so beautiful!

Daisekirinzan is a National Park where once you enter through the gift shop and mini museum, you take a little bus ride down and then start your hiking adventure. This kind of hiking is great for all ages. I think even younger kids would enjoy this, or you can even hike them on your back in a carrier. Great for cloudy days or sunny days. Bring a rain poncho or jacket. There are rock formations galore, banyan trees galore, and views! The series Cobra Kai, even filmed here! I'll leave a lot to the imagination, but I'll just say, don't take the bus up, walk that last trail back and see some of the MOST AMAZING Okinawa scenery. Thank me later. :)

Extra info: There is a restaurant onsite in the middle of the trails, so if you need a break or if you're hungry check them out.

Nearby is Cape Hedo, the northernmost point of the island. It has great views, and a nice little spot with vending machines and bathrooms as well.

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