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Exploring Okinawa | Kinjo Stone Road

Step back into time and traverse to Shuri Castle on an ancient road that's still used today! The amount of history near the city center of Naha, Okinawa, is amazing. The famous Shuri Castle, which is being rebuilt at the moment, is surrounded by so many hidden gems that's really just history in plain sight.

I recommend parking in the parking lot and just exploring the old limestone roads on foot. The roads here are narrow, one way, it is a residential area and most of this is uphill. So be in good shape and get ready for a mini workout! The thing about Okinawa is that many things are just apart of life, tucked right next door, it may just be every day life to the locals, but to the traveler, there is so much to learn.

I like to keep these blog posts short. I think my idea of sharing these places is to spark curiosity and to hope that you see the wonder and beauty I have found here too. It would be boring if I shared everything. So enjoy, and get out there! Happy exploring!

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