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Exploring Okinawa | BULL FIGHT!

If you really want to dive deep into a culture, you have to do as the locals do. Sure, it's not a museum or a day at the resort, but that's not what this is about. You see Okinawa is traditionally a large farming community. Pineapples, mangoes, goya, sugar cane, and bulls. Of course with bulls, comes testosterone and territoriality and so what better way to let the bulls be bulls than to make a big arena and get some good local food and a couple of beers for the show.

For this show, there's not as much gore as you might think. There's no Matador, it's one ton bull against one ton bull with their handlers cheering them on. The bulls most likely will lock horns and when one gives, the other is declared the winner. Honestly, I was surprised by how the bulls got to choose the fight. One bull enters the arena, usually sniffs around and kicks his hooves, then the other enters and if there is no interest to fight, they simply don't. Then comes the next potential contestant.

Bull fighting has been around Okinawa since the 17th century at least. There are judges but usually the bulls decide for themselves by running away. If one bull does charge and hurt the other, the handlers are quick to intervene. You see, these bulls are highly prized amongst these families and communities, so they really don't want to lose their extended family member. You'll even see when they win, the children are right there with their grandparents celebrating with their bull... wagging tails and all. Happy bull fighting!

Location: Ishikawa Multipurpose Dome

Cash Entry 2,000/3,000 Yen

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