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Exploring Okinawa | Tankan Orchards

Around January, the Tankan orchards in Motobu are bursting with fruit! These Okinawan variety of orange tangerines are such a treat and many of the orchards have an all-you-can-eat (at the time of visit) deal going on. Bring the whole family, this is something you'll remember to tell the grandkids about. Mostly on hillsides, these orchards provide bags or baskets and off you go! Have a picnic of tankans with family and friends in an orchard setting or pay by the ounce and take them home to make tankan juice! This is something my kids absolutely loved and I bet you and yours will too! No sugar added. :)

Motobu has a few orchards, google maps has listed most but there are others not listed in English. So be sure to search in Nihongo (Japanese) as well.

Happy Picking!

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